Rupert Stone Music


My method starts by learning about your musical preference. People learn best through the music that they love. I aim to find out what that is, and teach you how to play it. You will only learn  to play through repeated practice, and you are only going to continue to do that if you are learning music that you want to play.

Before you turn up for your first lesson I ask that you bring a playlist of some of your favourite music and artists. In this lesson we’ll discuss some of your favourites on this playlist, and find a song that we can start learning!

Beginner Guitar


In Beginner guitar you will learn basic open chord shapes. We’ll learn strumming patterns and apply them to many simple songs, many of which will be some of your favourites! Most popular songs that we all know and love can be played in a relatively simple form, so you’ll be up and running in no time.

Depending on where you see yourself going as a guitarist we’ll learn some basic scales and some simply theory (Don’t worry! Nothing too technical) This will help build a foundation for when you move on from the beginning stages.

We may learn some simple melody parts or solos to develop some technical foundation. Perhaps some fingerpicking too!

The proportion to which you proceed down any of these avenues is up to you. Like I’ve said before, each student is completely different and has to be taught as an individual!

Intermediate Guitar

Ok so you’ve spent a year or more learning your basic shapes, you know your pentatonic scales, maybe even a solo or 2, what’s next?

This is where you can start to shape the guitarist that you want to be, as along the early path certain things have called to you. You know now that you want to be a shred-guru, a singer songwriter, or the next Tommy Emmanuel.

Fantastic! We can start to specialise in what you want to do.

If you want to be a singer songwriter, or play in a band we can work more on chords and songs. We’ll look into your favourite artists and learn what makes them sound they way they do. We’ll learn their parts, and perhaps how it fits together so that you can take it and make it your own.

If you want to shred the most mind boggling solos and riffs, we’ll start to focus in on technique. We’ll work on your library of licks and melodies, and learn solos from your favourite guitarists. We’ll build up speed through scales and riffs and eventually start to find your sound within this genre.

Of course these are just two examples from a huge number of potential paths on your journey. It might even be that you haven’t quite figured out what makes you you as a musician… that’s fine too, we can work our way through songs and artists and keep taking from the vast pool of music.