Rupert Stone Music

About Me

Musical Background

I started my own musical journey at the age of 5, when the school I attended offered violin lessons. I picked up a guitar 9 years later, I knew then it was something that this was going to be a life long pursuit.

In the violin lessons that made up my most formative years, I learned Classical music, folk music, and gained a firm understanding of music theory. I studied under my violin teacher, Mr Kershaw, for another 13 years. I achieved my grade 8 violin and left to further my studies at university. 

By this time I had also been teaching myself guitar for 5 years. Guitar had a profound effect on my love for music. I was hooked. I practiced many hours in a day, occasionally doing nothing else. I left for the University of Leeds, studying there for 3 years, and left with a BA(hons) in Music. 

I graduated and returned to my home town of Chesterfield, started playing music in pubs and clubs, and formed a band “The Groovy Cats”.

I would talk to people at shows and often got asked if I took students. A few started learning with me and I found that I enjoyed helping people start their own musical journeys. The rest, as they say, is history … Nah I’m just playing! But I have continued to teach since then, developing my own teaching philosophy and gaining experience.

Why learn with me?

I teach all ages and abilities at a pace that suits the student (I know not everyone wants to be Steve Vai!). Every student is different and my teaching reflects that. I have a standard syllabus that I can teach if you want me to guide you, but I’m just as happy helping you learn your new favourite song or checking out a new genre!